Monday, 15 August 2011

My vagina and why it isn't offensive...

This is a photograph from my girlfriend, Laura Duncan's current art exhibition in Aberdeen. It is clearly of a vagina (my vagina actually!) but I think anyone would be pretty hard pushed to call it, in any way, sexually explicit.

This same image, alongside a few of her other works, will be moved tomorrow to a "less visible" area of the exhibition so as not to offend "the public."

What's to offend!?! It's a partially covered close up of genitalia that half of the population own themselves and if anyone knows of someone who didn't come out of someone owning one, I'd really like to know about it! Letting this image be considered offensive is admitting and supporting the notion that we should be ashamed of our own bodies.

To move these artworks to an area where it is less visible is to completely negate the sex-positive message that Laura is trying to convey. Laura and I both stand for freedom of speech and expression. Censorship to this level, over images which aren't in anyway indecent in the first place, is offensive to the public itself. God forbid one could make their own decision whether or not they look at an image!

I heard someone talking about how "children should not be subjected to such indecency," WHAT'S INDECENT?!? They can see the same thing, by looking down!

I'm personally outraged. Everybody that we know, who we respect, are outraged too!

Tomorrow morning at 9.30am, Laura is going down to the Art Centre to remove her artwork rather than have her positive message compromised by such utter nonsense and drivel. We have invited anyone who wishes, to join us in support - either in person or by changing their social networking picture to her "Free Love" image as shown above. By making Facebook, Twitter etc. a sea of "Free Love" we can show solidarity, not only for Laura herself, but also to the point that nudity and our own bodies are in NO way offensive.

All hail the vagina,

Let's watch this space :)


  1. That's a nice piece you have there. Personally, I don't think it's offensive. It's art, as they say. So, who came up with the idea of covering the thing with a colorful heart? That's pretty neat.

    -Jennifer West

  2. Human sexuality has always been shameful to society. Any version of sex or sexuality that is not for the purpose of procreating has been seen as offensive. The problem is that socitey doesn't want to stand up and admit it just feels good and as long as the act is between 2 consenting adults it is perfectly normal and beautiful! There is absolutely nothing offensive or obsene about this picture. Nor is there anything about it that suggests homosexuality. It is an image of femininity!

  3. As a naturist I find nothing shocking about a naked body. The art work you show is beautiful and should not offend anyone. What is the matter with people?